Vermont My Home: A Celebration

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The Vermont My Home show toured in 2011 in support of communities affected by Huricaine Irene, and the shows and CD garnered favorable praise:“Wonderful storyteller.” Bennington Center for the Arts“Thank you for using your performances to celebrate Vermont.” Governor Peter Shumlin

Vermont Standard, “Down-home story telling!”

“ A modern day Thoreau in a world gone mad.” Seven Days Magazine.

  1. Blue Heron Pond


  2. I Love the Quiet
  3. Fire Inspires Memory
  4. Eternal Summer
  5. Grandpa’s Farm
  6. Midnight on the Pond
  7. Measure the Miracle
  8. Harvest
  9. October Reminder
  10. Peak Colors
  11. Narcissus Unbound
  12. Ice Skating with Li Pon
  13. Midnight Skiing
  14. Snow Held Captive
  15. Keep the Home Fires Burning
  16. January Barren
  17. Unexpected Geometry of Perfection
  18. Am I Worthy
  19. Care Well